Hello Baseball Players

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Welcome to Going Yard Training Centre  Reach us at;

9 for the * Roger Maris and his 61 home runs in ’61, 7 all star, 3 WS, 2 MVP, gold glove

5 for Joe DiMaggio- .325BA, 2214 hits 361 HR, 13 all star, 9WS, 56 game hit streak, HOF, all century team

4  the iron horse Lou Gehrig .340 BA 2721 hits, 493 HR, 7 all star 6 WS, triple crown, HOF, all century team

15 for the captain Thurmond Munson- 7 all star, 2 WS, MVP, ROY, 3 gold glove

44 for Reggie. 14 all star, 5WS, MVP, 2 WS MVP, 2 sliver sluggers.  You get to go by one name when you hit 3 bombs in ’77WS  deciding game 6         Enough said.

954-15 44 

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