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Going Yard Training Centre

Hitting, pitching, or infield work –  Going Yard Training Centre has all the components for whatever type of work you’re looking to get in.

Batting Cages

battingcagesNowhere else in the city offers the ability to get in as much work at the cages as Going Yard does.  4 of the 7 batting cages offer Iron Mike Master Pitching machines  can be adjusted to suit your abilty, anywhere from 40-85 mph. Since they can each hold over 500 baseballs and throw a perfect pitch every 8 seconds there is no shortage of swings.  The Yard also offers a Jugs 2 wheel pitching machine capable of throwing cutters, curves, sliders  and risers for the softball player.  The Atec Pro can mimic a 95 mph Randy Johnson 2 seem,  a Greg Maddox down and in at 88 on the black  or cutter just like MO.  Going Yard also offers  live arm tunnels with  L-screens for traditional batting practice inside one 3 batting cages.

Pitching Lanes

pitching lanesWith so many moving parts, pitching is one of the hardest elements of the game to master. But now you can put away the tire in the backyard and train where you have access to the right equipment to perfect your mechanics.

Going Yard Baseball Warehouse can accommodate any pitching distance starting at Mosquito and going all the way up to the 60′ 6″ that Midget leagues and above play at. With three indoor mounds, rubber tubing for arm strength, and a multitude of other tools you can work on your mechanics and increase your stamina on the mound. Going Yard also offers  a 70 foot live pitching cage for simulated games.

Team Options

team optionsWhether you’re a Mosquito team or playing at the highest level of Midget baseball, training is an important part of the game. We offer different options for team practices at the facility, whether you’re a 10-player team looking to improve and have some fun, or a AAA team looking to take your game to the next level.  Ask about our Team rate, the most affordable way for your team to get the maximum reps in.

Going Yard can meet the needs of any team, whether you need a few cages and some pitching lanes, or some room to run defensive drills and strength training. Contact us today to find out more about how your team can benefit from training at Saskatoon’s only indoor baseball facility.