Lesson Packages

Lessons are 60 minutes long, which includes the cage rental & a konwlegable instructor, teaching the newest age techniques & approaches. You & your player can choose one of the following discplines: fielding, hitting, pitching or catching.

Individual Lessons  

1 lesson with facility rental included $75.00

3 lessons with facility rental included $220.00

5 lessons with facility rental included $350.00

Group Lessons

x2 Players = $85.00

x3 Players = $95.00

x4 Players = $105.00

x5 Players = $115.00

x6 Small Group Rate = $120.00

<6 Players = Team Practice = $150.00

Small & large group lessons are more cost effective & a good way to develop during the off season. 

Want more information about lessons and availability? Or if you would like to request a specific instructor at a time not advertised, please fill out the Lesson Request form below.

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