Remote Training

GY Remote Training Programs


Base Package: Pitching & Hitting $99.99

Going Yard Baseball remote training programs include a monthly regimen of drills and training schedule to follow. Players will have access to their training schedule online as well as a dedicated coach via text message and video chat. Your player will have access to two twenty-minute video calls in the month to discuss their training.  Video calls will take place on Mondays or Fridays from 12:00 pm-5:00 pm and registration will be on Checkfront.  Players will be asked to send in a video of them working on their drills 48 hours prior to their scheduled video chat.  We ask that the player sends a message with the video entailing what he has been focusing on in his workouts and any struggles they are having. They will have access to our online strength and conditioning provided by Ignite Strength and Conditioning programs. Prescribed drills to progress in each skill set.

Here’s what you get: 

  • A Custom Day to Day Program From Warm-Up to Drill Work To Recovery Work 
  • Video Analysis To Better Understand You As a Player and What You Need To Work On.
  • A Constant Line of Communication With Your Trainer
  • Hitting template and schedule
  • Pitching template and schedule

Add On Programs

+ Catching + $49.99 

+ Fielding + $49.99

+ Ignite Athletics – Conditioning + $24.99

+ Fieldlevel Recruiting Services + $9.99

+ Skill Shark Monthly Development Reports + $9.99

Going Yard has connections with 2000+ baseball coaches online. Keeping a record of players’ progression is paramount in selling a player to a college coach as it shows their ability to learn and progress. Going Yard has helped over 40 athletes achieve their goals of playing college baseball. You could be next. Sign up today! 

We require that you have the following tools for remote training:  


-Catch net 


-Multiple Baseballs 

-Medicine Ball 

-Sufficient space (ie: enough room to throw or swing repetitively)

Follow the schedule below to book coaching session with your remote training package.

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